Welcome to Stak's Stash!!  

Are you looking for a specific piece?  Is there a particular size, maybe style or design that is making you scour the earth in search of that perfect piece?  Well, you can stop wasting your time!  I just might have what you're looking for in my "Stash!"  And best of all, when you choose something from my Stash, you get to choose the color and finish!


This is your backstage pass to all the goodies hiding in my (home) workshop!  Let me explain a bit:

As Is Price: pretty much what you see is what you get.  I will make any necessary repairs to ensure the piece is fully functional and safe.   Please note: necessary repairs does not include dents scratches, peeling veneer or cosmetic imperfections.

As Finished Price: You get my best work!  I paint, repair and refinish the piece to your color specifications.  The piece is ready for you to bring into your home and enjoy from day 1.  No work, no fuss, just functional and beautiful!

Photos coming soon!


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